Frequently Asked Questions

Agrocorp Landbase is the leading developer which has introduced the unique concept of affordable farmhouses in a gated community with amenities and maintenance services, in the vicinity of Bangalore. We introduced our first project in 2012 and since then, we have developed and delivered 7 projects enveloping 10 million square feet of agricultural land.

The dictionary defines community as "a group of people living in the same place or having a particular characteristic in common". Anybody who buys farmland with Agrocorp is never alone but is always accompanied by other farm owners who are a part of the community in a particular gated project. Even if the farm owner is away from the city, he/she doesn't feel secluded because they will always be a part of the community.

Agrocorp’s projects are located at about 45-60 minutes drive from Bangalore International Airport, between Bagepalli Toll Plaza and Somendapalli, on the NH-44 going towards Hyderabad.

This location is perfect for investment purposes as it is not very far from the city and also in the radius of huge corporate development taking place along the National Highway. It makes for an excellent investment destination which will give high returns in due time and will also allow our patrons to fulfil their leisurely desires.

Any individual who wishes to set up a farmhouse goes through some major hassles in the process. The enlisted few are:

  • To find an affordable piece of land with good connectivity
  • To undertake legal due diligence of the property. It involves visits to various departments and authorities to check the documents of the property
  • To take out time from a busy schedule and travel back and forth to get the basic amenities in place after acquiring the land
  • To upkeep the farm with continuous maintenance services

Agrocorp tries to take off as many responsibilities as possible from the client’s shoulders. We buy large parcels of land and develop gated communities of farms with all basic amenities and offers maintenance services to our clients. The basic scope of work includes:

  • Cleaning and levelling of the land
  • Dividing the land into small farms
  • Develop a boundary for each developed plot
  • Construct electricity and water sources
  • Install gates in every farm along with street lights and internal roads for easy access
  • Beautify the site with various fruits and flowers plantations
  • Take responsibility for the registration process
  • Provide security and maintenance at a nominal monthly fee for a hassle-free experience

Yes, the jurisdiction under which Agrocorp’s project falls, does not require you to be a farmer to buy farmland.

Yes, along with developed farmland, Agrocorp also provides a furnished pre-fabricated unit at an additional cost.

As per standard government policy, any farmer can use up to 10% of the owned farmland for the residential purpose.

Whether you wish a personal getaway from the city nuisance or thinking about a dream investment, Agrocorp’s farmland is your best bet.

  • You can take up farming without having to undergo the hassles of setting up the facilities.
  • Build a farmhouse on 10 percent of the total plot area and enjoy your weekend home with family and friends

Agrocorp has delivered and maintained seven projects spanning over 10 million sq ft of agricultural land. Once the client takes possession of the property, the company provides security guard at each project and maintains the basic facilities, minimising the day to day involvement of the client. At all times, our team ensures security services, water services, maintenance of roads, de-weeding are in place for the smooth functioning.

All the projects offered by Agrocorp goes through a very strict process of legal due diligence by its expert team. Some of the key things checked are:

  • The complete flow of title from the origin
  • Complete family background of the seller
  • Encumbrance of the property
  • Claim or acquisition notice on the property (if any)

Agrocorp offers complete legal report and title documents for verification to any client interested in purchase, ensuring complete transparency in the process.

At the time of purchase of any project, Agrocorp checks the acquisition list issued by the sub-registrar of the particular jurisdiction and only go ahead with properties which are not included in the acquisition list.

The 40 km stretch between Baghepalli Toll Plaza and Somendapalli, which is not very far from the city and located only at 45 min drive for Bangalore International Airport, is witnessing a huge corporate development with more than 200 corporates setting up their offices and collectively investing around Rs 30,0000 crores in this region creating employment for more than 30 thousand families which will drive the growth of this area in the coming future.

A few prominent names include KIA Motors, BEL, Nissan, AirBus, Aerospace Defence Park housing in the mentioned region. So much development and strategic location make it a perfect area to not only invest in your farm but also for your leisure purposes. It is the perfect time to take advantage of the realty boom as the land price in the area has seen a growth of minimum 300 per cent in the last 3 years.

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