Why NOW Is The Best Time To Invest in Farmland?

Invest in farmland

Whether you are in your 20s or 30s, you must be looking for an investment option that could offer a good growth to the capital invested along with being pocket-friendly at the same time. Chances are that you would have stumbled upon the real estate option but due to some reason, you held that thought for a while! It may be because of budget constraints, lack of confidence in the property or waiting for a better time of the year to make that investment. Well, we are here to clear those doubts at once and give you the power back to own a property, however you wish to.

1. Now is the time to invest!

There is no better time to invest in real estate. The best time to make that move is right NOW because the land is limited on this planet and you should own a piece of it. With ever-growing developments and limited availability, the prices are going to increase exponentially and will make the owner a rich person in no time. If you are going to wait for it, you might be waiting forever because there is no way the prices of land is going to depreciate. So, take out your cheque book now and own a farmland today!

Invest in farm, now

2. Say no to budget constraints!

You shouldn't wait to have the budget to buy a property in a bank account. Prices of the farmland are as low as Rs 12.5 lakhs today in one of the areas witnessing expedite corporate development, it won't get cheaper than this. You can always take help from the banks to invest rather than to wait because this little loan today will make you richer tomorrow.

Budget Constraints to buy a farmland

3. Invest in the future, not in the present

When you are investing in farmland, you are investing in a better future. You might get to hear things like it won't yield enough profit because it is not located in the centre of the city but you should pay no heed to such statements.

Farmland could always garner rental property while you are not selling but as soon as development will increase its radius, which takes no more than 5 years, you will be in awe of yourself for taking such a wise decision.

Invest in the future

4. Identify the lucrative prospect

The future does not lie in a residential property located in the city where the pollution level and crowd is going high on the scale with every passing day. People wish to work in peace and live in a healthy environment, a dream that could come true only in the outskirts of the city and you should become a part of that dream today.

Profit in investing in a farm

5. Your house is just a property, not an investment

It might sound like a harsh statement but the truth is that a house is not an investment. A house is bought in our country to make a home out of it where the family stays together and build a life. Have you ever heard anyone saying, “I bought a house to sell it next year”? Probably not but surely you must have heard the statement, “ I bought a house in the location for my daughter.” or “I bought this home to spend the time after retirement.” A residential property requires a lot of maintenance and over the years, quality deteriorates or new architecture designs come up which lures people rather than one built 15-20 years ago.

If you are planning to sell, a residential property becomes more of a liability than an investment which you definitely don't need in this fast pace of the race called life. On the other hand, if you invest in a gated community of farmland, like Agrocorp offers, you will pay a minimal amount for the maintenance while the property will appreciate over the time.

A house is not an investment
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