Why Bangalore Is A Favourite of The Startups?

Bangalore Office

Why Bangalore? Why a young mind or a group of passionate youngsters are attracted to the city when it comes to a startup or entrepreneurship? The capital of Karnataka has become a startup symbol in the country. Everyday someone comes up with a unique idea of business which has the potential of making a big name for itself. Agrocorp also thought that its unique concept of gated community plots in Bangalore is best suited to this city only, rather than any other in the country. So, what is it that makes Bangalore the “Silicon Valley of India”? Let’s find out.

1. An Abundance of Angel Investors and Venture Capitalist

Any startup needs funding. It is the most critical aspect to give life to an idea and bring it into a working position. It creates jobs and lends an opportunity for the talent to showcase their potential. When it comes to funding, Bangalore is brimming with a number of Angel Investor and Venture Capitalist which are in a constant search to fund a startup which promises future success. If your idea has ambition, motivation and confidence, it is not hard to find your guardian angel in the city.

Money for an Idea

2. Infrastructure and Resources

The city boasts of super cool infrastructure that provides a perfect ambience for working professionals. A contemporary office building with proper connectivity to roads, public transport and major residential areas of the city makes for an easier and time-saving commute. The office spaces are embellished with useful resources and make for a perfect place where young and creative minds could wok with peace and attention.

Office Infrastructure

3. The Talent Pool

The crowd of the city is highly qualified and educated, bearing a creative mind and constructive thoughts. No matter what your requirement is, you will come across some of the most talented faces in the field that carry the potential to take the task to another level while maintaining professional decorum. Moreover, Bangalore welcomes a multitude of people who are well-versed with technology at a young age only. There is no lack of talent and technology in the city.

Professionals in a Group

4. Constant Constructive Activities

Meetings, hackathons, seminars and conferences, these are the biggest reason why the city is a boon for startups. The constant exchange of ideas keeps the mind fresh, active and full of ideas and potential. These events provide a perfect opportunity for the newcomers to mingle with the existing community and grasp on the details of the profession. It also serves as the platform where one could pitch his product, ideas and potential.


5. The Media Attention

The media of Bangalore loves to endorse a new startup which showcases its potential to be unique and useful in the industry which lends much-needed support to young minds and helps them reach their investment goals which in turn could create a path of success for them. The media attention gives recognition and put them under the spotlight so that a good idea gets what it deserves. Some media platforms like ET Tech, Yourstory, NextBigWhat and Medianama focuses on entrepreneurs only.

Media Attention

6. Cost of Living

It is a myth that Bangalore is quite expensive as compared to other cities of India. The truth is Bangalore has got multiple options for everyone so one could choose whatever fits his or her budget. It has something to offer to everyone and people could choose the options as they please. Instead of being expensive, it is quite affordable as it has something for every kind of budget. It is more inclusive than any other city in the country.

Cost of Living

7. The Welcoming Weather

No matter what it is the time of the day or season of the year, the weather of Bangalore is always pleasant which makes you feel less tired than the scorching heat of Chennai or the numbing chill of Delhi. One can take a walk outside anytime to refresh their mind and feel the wind blowing that has the power to melt away any kind of stress.

Pleasent Weather

These attractions form just the beginning of a diverse culture that you could experience in Bangalore. The weather, the food, the people and the places, there is nothing that you couldn’t fall in love with. Ust pack your bags and head that way!

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