How To Strengthen Family Bond When You Are Busy As A Bee

Family at A Beach

Life is busy. We all are racing to be the best in a career, earn a little more money every day and curate a lavish lifestyle for one and family. People often confuse happiness with the possession of luxury but what truly makes a human being happy is love and nothing says the feeling better than one’s family. Family is the foundation on which you can build a dreamy castle of love and life. However, in this bust scenario of life, the family becomes the most neglected entity. What starts as an understanding, develops into habit.

Take a trip to memory land and try to guess how many times have your wife waited for you till late night to have dinner together? Slowly, that wait converted into eating separately. When was the last time you took a trip with your family? When was the last time you visited your parents for a weekend dinner? In this never-ending race of earning money, you might have been missing on the most important treasure of life, family. If this situation resonates with yours then don’t wait for a minute more and hop onto these ideas which could make the bond with your family stronger than ever.

1. Start Eating Together

Office at 9 and schools at 7 makes the morning the busiest part of the day when literally no one has time for anyone. Everyone is jumping from one chore to another to finish their morning routine and be on time. All this is understandable but tweaking just 15 minutes in the morning routine could give you time to sit and eat together the first meal of the day. If morning couldn't b possible anyway, make sure you guys are having supper together. The family that eats together, stays together.

Family Eating Together

2. Keep A Weekend Aside for Family

Are you one of those workaholics who spend the entire weekend working or planning the work schedule for the upcoming week? Well, kudos to the passion towards your work but your family needs you too. Every month keep a weekend aside to spend with your family and make it a no-work weekend. You could take a trip to your own farmhouse and spend some quality time in nature while living and breathing healthy or could take a two-day trip to a hill station in your vicinity to rejuvenate.

Family at Farm

3. Have A Pillow Talk

This one's for couples who have lost the hinge of romance or stopped making it a priority a long time ago. Every day take a few minutes out for each other and have pillow talk about your dreams, goals, what makes you smile nowadays, what puts you off, relive some memories and indulge in a deep conversation with each other. All you need to do is to go to bed 10-15 minutes earlier than your usual times. You can totally skip a late-night show on television to make way into each other’s heart.

Pillow Talk

4. Plan A Game Night

Pick a day and every week reserve that day for game nights. Take out some board games, charades, chess, carrom or whatever it is loved by your family. Have dinner early that evening and indulge in some fun moments with family for one to two hours. You will feel fresh and energized and your family will praise your will to spend time with them. They will feel you included and will love you even more.

Family Game Night

5. Celebrate Special Moments Together

Some days hold a special place in our hearts. Birthdays, anniversaries, festivals call for a family gathering and celebrate the moment with much fun, love and enthusiasm. These celebrations bring the family closer and make for a perfect excuse to meet and greet the extended family. You can top off the day with a gift exchange to leave a memorable impression of the day on everybody's mind and heart.

Famly Celebrating Diwali

There is not one but many ways to spend some quality time with your family. You just have to find what works best for your loved ones. Spare some time and feel the love brimming in their hearts for you.

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