Farmhouse: A New Trend of Luxurious Lifestyle

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India is a developing nation and every sunrise brings new hope and dream of infrastructure development and vertical expansion of buildings which is good news in terms of growth and employment rate but somewhere it also induces suffocation when it comes to peace, health and serenity of the homes situated in the hustle-bustle of the city. It is the need for a green and healthy environment that people have started investing in the farmland located at the outskirts of the city. With everything in the surrounding going commercial and relied on digital technology, everyone is looking for a green space to call their own, something to call their home.

Urbanisation has its own pros and cons but it has bought a certain lifestyle into the limelight which once was a luxury for the few has now become a need for the mass, that of a farmhouse. If we go by definition, a farmhouse fulfils the residential needs in an agricultural land but now it has become a favourite of many as it provides the lifestyle one seeks with peace, green and luxurious. A farmhouse can also be called a country house, a second home for a family where you could seek refuge in the lap of nature which has become a prime need for those who prefer residing in a healthy environment. How this transition took place? How a farmhouse became a necessity from sheer luxury? Let’s find out.

1. The Pollution Free Factor

Pollution has become unavoidable with millions of vehicles on road, ever-growing inorganic waste accumulating in the dumps, increasing carbon footprints on the environment every day. Yes, development, growth and technology all sound good but it also has a major impact on the breathable air in the atmosphere. It is the call of the house to adopt healthier options and what could be more healthy than a peaceful home enveloped in the greens of nature where you could take a deep breath of fresh air.

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2. The Cheap Market Price

A spacious farmhouse plot will cost far less than a tiny apartment in the city. A property in the downtown is difficult to construct and faces a load of rules and regulations which reduces your dream space to a mere living commodity where a few people could be accommodated and this may cost a lifetime of saving while a farmhouse, on the other hand, will cost way less and lends more freedom to shape it as you have always dreamed of.

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3. An Investment Pot of Gold

Many people look at a farmhouse as a second home which could be their weekend homes as well. These people are looking at a broader vision from the investment purpose. The development of a city is inevitable and investing in a farm plot for sale in Bangalore, Delhi, Lucknow or any other major city is investing in the future. As the boundaries of a city will expand, the demand for a particular property will soar causing the prices to rise exponentially. Within a decade, a farmhouse could be three to five times of its original worth.

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A farmhouse brings the comfort of a second home where one could discover the joys of the countryside while experiencing the city comfort at their homes. The changing dynamics of real estate has compelled people to invest in the countryside property at a much cheaper price rather than in an expensive commodity in the city.

A farmhouse plot is not just a long-term investment but it is equally capable of generating short-term income through lease and rent. If the owner wants, he/she could sell a part of the farmhouse plot and keep the rest to himself, unlike city property where such flexibility is not available for the properties on sale. It could yield a better return on investment. As lucrative as it sounds, one must be aware of certain points while purchasing a farmhouse plot. It is always advised to deal with a reputed builder such as Agrocorp before investing in the farmland of your choice to make the best of your money and keep hassles at minimum.

Next time you wish to shop for real estate, put your bet on a house with a farm and a lush property in your investment portfolio.

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