Agro-Realty: Everything You Need to Know About Investment in Farmland

Investment in farmland

What is farm investment?

Investment in farmland or agricultural land is considered farm investment, an integral part of Agro Realty. The intention behind such an investment could be to make a profit or to create a tax deduction for the owner of the farm. One does not need to live on the farm or be a part of its daily operation to become a farm investor.

Can a non-farmer buy agricultural land?

In Karnataka and some other states in India, it is a prerequisite to be a farmer to purchase agricultural land, however, companies like Agrocorp use their expertise to provide farmland near Bangalore, to someone with a non-farmer background and that too at the fastest appreciating location.

Is investing in farmland a good idea?

As far as land investment is considered, you could never go wrong with investing in farmland. Agrocorp provides an opportunity to invest in developed and affordable farm plots at a location which is geographically, industrially and politically risk-free and provide excellent growth on the property.

Can you build a house on agricultural land?

Yes, you can use 10% of the total area for the construction purpose. You can build a dream farmhouse which could serve as your weekend nest too where you can spend leisure time with your friends and family.

What are the benefits of owning farmland?

  1. High financial security with low risk
  2. High ROI
  3. No Income Tax
  4. No GST
  5. Multiple uses of land (residential or commercial
  6. Tax-Free Income
  7. No income shortfall

Will the bank provide a loan to buy farmland?

No, loan option from the bank is not available but Agrocorp is the only company in the industry that provides an offer of easy EMI to acquire farmland near Bangalore at a prime, developing location.

How much of a down payment do you need for farmland?

There is a provision of down payment to buy farmland but it differs for every property and varies from developer to developer.

How can one make money from agricultural land?

The first step to making money from agricultural land is to invest money. Secondly, location plays a crucial role in deciding the ROI on the property. A location which is experiencing developments lends a speculation-free growth of the money invested in farmland. Instead of going through hoops for such a property, you could invest with Agrocorp in affordable and developed farm plots that promise high returns on your investment.

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