9 Elements That Are Essential To Lend A Rustic Vibe To Your Farmhouse

Farmhouse Decor Ideas

Owning and building a farmhouse is a luxurious dream of many! It takes a lot of effort and finally when your humble abode in the countryside is ready, it looks nothing short of a beautiful dream. The architecture and look of a modern farmhouse are miles away from the old school wooden house that used to speak the country's language. Nowadays, a farmhouse is as lavish and modern as a city house but if you long for that rustic vibe, you can add a few elements here and there to induce the classic effect of the yesteryears.

1. Open Shelves

Open shelves in the kitchen are the classic farmhouse setting that will definitely set the tone that you wish for. If you don’t want to put open shelves in the entire kitchen then limit the shelves to a single wall only. You will love the new look of the kitchen and will never fall out of love of it.

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2. White Colour

Paint the walls and cabinets white and induce an accent of yellow, red, green and blue to create the magic. The light, airy tones have always been cardinal characteristics of a farmhouse, however, the modern era has broaden the pallet introducing many paler hues like light greys, soft pinks, dusty blues. These colours create an open, airy look to the farmhouse.

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3. Basket Storage

Basket storage can single-handedly elevate the look of the farmhouse. Introduce them wherever you can for a rustic look, for example, as a laundry holder, jar placement in the kitchen or organisational purpose in the bedroom. You can keep one on the dining table all plant and cutlery in it. It will make for a beautiful accent. You just have to pick the placements for them in the house.

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4. Mason Jars

What is a farmhouse without a number of mason jars aligned in the kitchen and garden! Whether you store food and snacks in it or plant an herb in the kitchen garden, mason jars are your go-to decor for a rustic farmhouse vibe. Pick out the painted ones to use as drinkware or decor.


5. Wooden Accents

Wood was the most used element in the vintage farmhouse and it can elevate the look of your modern farmhouse instantly. Make space for wooden side tables, drawers and cabinets. Exposed wooden beams on the ceiling are the perfect way to include wood into the interiors. The salvaged barn wood will do the trick. If the wooden ceiling is too much for your pocket, try wooden barn-style doors.

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6. Natural Light

The use of natural light is the most crucial element for a classic farmhouse look. Try to let as much natural light inside as you can. It will save you a lot on utility cost and lend a fresh ambience in the farmhouse. So keep the windows open and restructure them if you want to lend air and sunlight in.

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7. Chandeliers

A vintage chandelier will add a lot of character in the living room of your farmhouse. You can place it above the dining table too if you wish for a royal vibe during meals. Opt for bright lights and metal structure for a beauteous look of your room.

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8. Fireplace

What is a farmhouse without a fireplace! This feature lends an authentic feel which maintains the warmth inside the house while being total eye candy for the family and guests. If you wish to be extra, place a thick, wooden mantle above the fireplace for an aged decor look or hang family photos.

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9. Handmade Quilts

Last but definitely not the least, a handmade quilt can elevate the look of your bedroom better than anything else while imparting the rustic aura in the room. At a time, quilting was a common hobby on the farms and dressing your bed with one in a bohemian style could make for the perfect punch of country style.

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