7 Important Documents You Should Acquire If You Wish To Buy Land In Bangalore

Land in Bangalore

Bangalore, a city where a million dreams turn into reality every year and one of these dreams is to own a property which you could call yours. Whether you are looking for high investment or you are aiming to buy land in Bangalore to build the house of your dreams, there are certain points that you should keep in mind to ensure the smooth transaction and flawless execution of legal procedures so that you won't land in any kind of trouble or become a victim of some kind of fraudulent scheme. Take your time and don't rush into the purchase before carefully examining every document. Here's a checklist of what you need to buy land in Bangalore in a hassle-free manner.

Check The Title Deed

Title Deed proves the ownership of the land and it should be presented by the seller while dealing with the transaction. It is the most important document that needs to be reviewed as it dictates the history of the ownership of land. If you find any discrepancy or loop hole in the title deed, confirm your doubts by looking up revenue records of the plot.

Title Deed

Review The Sale Deed

If there is a land for sale in Bangalore, the seller should have sale deed which gives the right to seller to sell the land. This document transfer the ownership of the plot from seller to buyer. It contains your name, address, seller's name, seller's address, details of the plot or land such as its identification number, layout and the location. Draft the sale deed with the seller on a non-judicial stamp paper. Once an agreement has been finalised between you and the seller, the sale deed is registered in the sub-registrar's office in the presence of a witness.

Sale Deed

Keep An Eye On Encumbrance Certificate

There is always a chance that the piece of land that you are buying has been mortgaged to a third party. This certificate declares that the land is not kept as security against any kind of loan or litigation. This certificate will keep you out of any future troubles that you could have with the plot.

Encumbrance Certificate

Non Objection Certificate

Any patch of land in Karnataka is considered agricultural land and if you wish to convert it into a residential or commercial property, you will be needing a NOC from The Department of Town and Country Planning. This procedure of converting agricultural land to non-agricultural land is called land use conversion and the land is titled as DC Converted Land. Whenever you will go for construction, the Deputy Commissioner will review the NOC to allow you to proceed further with the build up.

No Objection Certificate

Inspect A-Khata Certificate

This document is issued after the registration fee has been paid. This certificate will come handy while applying for electricity connection, water connection, trade license and building license. Only owners and heirs could obtain this certificate from BBMP and it makes paying taxes easier. An owner can request for the document by paying Rs. 100 and submitting a requisition letter to the Assistant Revenue Officer at the BBMP's zonal office for the area where the property falls.

A-Khata Certificate

Building Approval Plan

Sanctioned by BDA (Bangalore Development Authority), BBMP (Bruhat Bengaluru Mahanagara Palike), BMRDA (Bangalore Metropolitan Region Development Authority) or BIAAPA (Bangalore International Airport Area Planning Authority), without this document, any construction becomes illegal as per Karnataka Municipal Corporations (KMC) Act. A land owner must have an approved plan from the jurisdictional Commissioner or from an officer authorized by the Commissioner.

Building Approval Plan

Tax Paid Receipt

Taxes for the property should be paid upto date and one should have recipients acknowledging the same. These recipeits are mandatory to acquire Khata under BBMP. Make sure to enquire with the government/municipal authorities to ensure that all the dues are cleared by the seller before making any transaction. If the owner is unable to show the tax receipt, the buyer can confirm the ownership of the land from the municipal body.

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Tax Paid Receipt
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