6 Affordable and Effortless Ways To Make Your Home Eco-Friendly

The Eco-Friendly House

It’s the need for the hour! Whether you live in nice suburbs, a lavish farmhouse or a well-facilitated society, the wrath of global warming will not discriminate in any way while deteriorating your health or worse, killing our planet. As a human being, it has become the responsibility of one and all to do their bit to save the only blue planet in the solar system because let’s face a harsh truth, you do not have any other home and this might be your last chance when your efforts could make a difference. All you need to do is take baby steps in your house to make it more eco-friendly and reduce the carbon footprint on the environment. Here are a few affordable ways that you could implement in your house to play your vital role in saving the planet:

1. Save The Water

You must have heard this slogan for years now during school functions, college skits and T.V advertisements and ignored it because how could water be in shortage, ever! Well, the warning has come true now and the human race is getting short of freshwater with every passing day. So, the least you could do if you are the privileged one with the supply of freshwater in your house is to stop wasting it altogether.

Save the water

2. Energy Efficient Light Bulbs

Take off those incandescent bulbs and install CFC LED bulbs to save more one energy. These bulbs not only save energy but also last longer making it quite a pocket-friendly option. Saving energy will reduce the impact of global energy and put less pressure on non-renewable sources of energy. The future generation will thank you for your efforts.

Save energy

3. Say No To Paper Towels

As much dependent you are to use a paper towel in your kitchen, it is harming the environment in the most toxic way, the cutting of trees. Recently, the lungs of the Earth (Amazon Evergreen Forest) was on fire for weeks and we cannot afford cutting more jungles to fulfil the one time need of wiping hands. Switch to washable clothes instead, this tiny change will contribute more than you expect.

Use cloth instead of paper

4. Avoid Using Dryer

A fresh laundry feels more fresh and fragrant when dried under the sun. The usage of dryer leads to the waste of energy and can be considered an unnecessary luxury. Limit the usage of your dryer to the situations when it is absolutely needed or the sun is hiding behind the clouds. You can pick a good-looking dryer rack for the balcony to avoid the hassle of putting up a clothesline.

Clothes drying under the sun

5. Pick The Plants

Decorate your house with indoor greens that have the ability to purify the air that you breathe in the house and increase the oxygen flow. The plants will also compliment the interiors and bring a new spark to it. This affordable step will be appreciated by everyone in the family, whether they are an environmentalist or not! It is believed that certain indoor plants tend to attract good luck and prosperity to space they sit in. It’s a win-win situation.

Indoor plants

6. Buy Recycled Stuff

Nowadays, corporates are coming up with products made completely out of recycled material which is a big step towards the prevention of the planet. What you can do to participate in this survival step is to purchase those items rather than the ones made with fresh material. This would urge more companies to come forward with recycled products and reduce carbon footprints.

Recycled Product

As little as you can do, it’s important to do something to make this planet viable for our future generations. Every bit counts and doing something is far better than doing nothing at all, watching the Earth die!

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