5 Ways To Make Your Farmhouse Look Like A Luxury Villa

Modern Farmhouse Interiors

Farmhouse, a word resonating with a rustic vibe portray a cosy accommodation for the family at weekends or during vacations. Well, if the countryside is not your taste for interiors and you wish for the integration of a contemporary look of your home with the natural scenery of the outskirts of the town, it’s time to make some changes to your farmhouse. Your farmhouse doesn’t have to bear the conventional rough and ready look, it could be whatever you want it to be. If you have a hearty affair with modern interiors, let’s go through a few tips and tricks that could lend the exact look to your humble abode where you wish to spend some time in peace.

1. Neutrals Are The King

When it comes to the modern outlook, neutral colour palette with a dash of colour rules the decor. The element of colour lends a striking contrast to the whole look which is hard to resist. It doesn’t mean you can’t play with colours. You just need to have a keen eye to put the colour at places so that it doesn’t meddle with the interiors of the place.

Neutral Shade of Living Room

2. The Romance of Heavy and Light

A typical rustic decor demands for a wooden table paired with artistically crafted chairs. For the required contemporary look, all you need to do is replace either one with modern furnishing. You can opt for plush dining chairs with a clean-lined upholstery or you could simply pick a glass dining table to compliment the fine look of those wooden chairs you love so much. Whichever you pick, make sure to put cushions on the chair with trendy designs like chevron, herringbone or geometric and place a beautiful table runner to elevate the interiors of the dining corner of your precious farmhouse.

Dining Area of Modern Farmhouse

3. Play Mix and Match in Bedroom

Do you see that brown barn door? If the typical representation of the countryside interiors bugs you, here is a suggestion that could turn it into eye-candy and we promise, it won’t create a dent in your pocket too. Paint the sliding barn door and the room it is attached to in white and select the accents of the room in colour to pack the bedroom with a punch of beauty. You can play with colours while choosing beddings for wooden-frame bed or side tables to elevate the beauty quotient. Match the drapes with bedding and place a deep coloured rug in front of the bed. When all is said and done, don’t forget to find a corner of your favourite plant which will keep the room fresh and improve the flow of oxygen.

Bedroom Modern Farmhouse

4. Light Up The Lights

Take off that industrial looking bulb from the kitchen and replace them with modern lightings to make the difference you are hoping for. The modern furnishing is incomplete without the perfect lighting effect and this little investment will light up your farmhouse like a castle of a modern fairytale.

Lighting Suggestion in Modern Farmhouse

5. Marry Modern and Vintage

Yes, we understand that vintage might not be your cup of tea and is the exact opposite of the vision of your modern farmhouse but an amalgamation of old and new could create the picturesque interiors that you are dreaming of! A white cabinet with wooden outframe could lend a plush aura to your living room or the natural wooden frame of your bed could create the magic with neutral-toned bedding.

Living Room Modern Farmhouse

Whatever you decide to put into the furnishing of your modern farmhouse, make sure it reflects your soul. Your favourite Star Wars spaceship in mint condition can always have a special place on the white shelf of the side table. After all, it’s your farmhouse and the interiors should speak volumes or at least a few words about the who owns it!

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