5 Reasons You Should Rush To Invest In A Farmland Today

Investment in Farmland

You must be thinking, why farmland? Investors are bombarded with multiple schemes and plans by banks, finance firms and stock markets and there is no scarcity of options that promise decent growth and offer multiple benefits culminated in a single proposition but if you have a keen eye on investing trends and believe in framing a financially secure future, then you must think of placing your bet on an agricultural land rather than shares, bonds and mutual funds.

The land is limited and in this era of growth and development, a piece of land holds more value than any other asset. If you amalgamate this demand of land along with rising demand for food, you will understand that an agricultural piece of land is worth more than gold. Like every other capital investment, putting money in an agricultural land comes with some challenges but once you overcome some doubts, farmland will become the best investment decision you can ever make with your hard-earned money. Here are a few reasons why you should plump for a farmland today:

High Inflation In Rate

Everything else might have taken a hit in recent years and prices have slumped by millions but according to statistics, the prices of farmland have been appreciated at 2% higher than inflation since 1950. As the availability of the land is limited, the prices soar high due to increasing demand. It is predicted that the population will increase to 10 billion by 2050. Imagine how the demand for a limited resource like land will grow and how much profitable results it will yield!

The Increasing Price of Land

Stable Return on Investment

This is where investing in agro realty will benefit you with far more consistent growth than any other investment. Farmland offers stable return on investment which could only increase with time. It is a long term venture and the appreciation vary depending on the location of the farm, fertility of the land and some other factors. The return of investment on the farmland could be appreciated indefinitely.

High Return on Investment

Tax Exemptions

The incomes and gains that are yielded through farmland are exempted from tax in our country. This should be another lucrative reason why you should be turning towards investment in farmland rather than any other investment option. Under Section 10(37) of the Income Tax Act, Capital Gains on compensation received on compulsory acquisition of urban agricultural land is exempt from tax.

Tax Exemption

Luxury Investment

The land is a limited asset and that is why owning a farm comes under one of the most luxuriant investment, however, it doesn't necessary means that a land deal will cost you quite a hefty price. If you look out, you will find such deals that will prove highly profitable in the long term. Invest in a land near a developing zone at minimal cost and reap much higher surplus in the coming future.

Luxury Lifestyle

Peaceful Getaway For The Family

Once in a while, you need to get away from the loud noise of the city with your family and take a breath of fresh air. Enjoying the birds chirping and the wind rustling in the trees create unprecedented magic which calms your mind and rejuvenate you for another week amidst the city crowd. Once you'll experience it, you won't be able to get away with it.

Weekend Getaway
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