15 Facts About Bangalore That Will Bring This City Closer To Your Heart


A start-up favourite, tech city, Silicon Valley of India, the garden city and so much more, Bangalore has more to offer that one could expect. The city is known for its rich culture, contemporary lifestyle and never-say-die attitude. It represents diversity in language, food and people filling the city with life and playful vibe. In a single glance, it may look like any other metro bustling with traffic and crowded with IT offices, but there is so much more to this city.

1. A Megacity

With so much green, pleasant weather and pro-tech vision, it is not a wonder that the city houses a population of over 10 million. It is the third-most populous metro city in India and has been tagged as a megacity.

A Megacity

2. The Cool City

The pleasant weather of Bangalore is its biggest attraction. The city is situated at an altitude of 900 m or 3000 ft on the Deccan Plateau. This makes it one of the highest situated cities from the sea level.

Cool Weather

3. The High Spirit

The city is home to more than a 1000 temples, 400 mosques, 100 churches and even a fire temple portraying the perfect definition of “unity in diversity”. Cultures and religions co-exist here with peace and love.

Temple in Bangalore

4. The Founder Stone

The ancient ruler Kempe Gowda, also known as the founder of Bangalore built a mud fort which is considered as the foundation of modern-Bengaluru.

The Mud Fort

5. The Capital City

Until Karnataka was formed in 1956, Bangalore was the capital of the state Mysore. Surely, being the capital of Karnataka suited the city a lot as it has made noise for all the right reasons ever since.

Capital of Karnataka

6. The Silicon Valley of India

The city is a beloved home of numerous startups and IT companies giving wings to the dream of hundreds and thousands of young aspirants every year. This has led to naming the city as Silicon Valley of India.

The Silicon Valley of India

7. The Growth Factor

It is the second fastest-growing major city of the country, thanks to diversity, inclusivity and welcoming nature of the ambience of Bengaluru.

The Growth of Bengaluru

8. The Education Hub

Some elite educational institutes like the Indian Institute of Management, IISc, Christ University and so much more.

Educational Institute in Bengaluru

9. Aerospace Technology

Apart from IT industry, Bangalore is also well-known for its contribution to aerospace industry housing names like Hindustan Aeronautics Limited, and National Aerospace Laboratories.

Aerospace Engineer

10. The Nomenclature

The name "Bengaluru" has its roots in the 12th century when King Veera Ballala got lost in the forest. He was served boiled beans by an old woman which originated the term "Benda-Kal-Ooru" (the land of cooked beans). It turned to Bengaluru over time.

Name Bengaluru

11. The City of Gardens

Groomed parks, trimmed shrubs and well-fed grass, Bangalore boasts of its beautiful parks with pride. Not only they are the tourist attraction but many of them tell the story of their history as well through the design and architecture.

The Garden City

12. The Rock Party

Not only Bengaluru speaks volumes about history, it also knows how to party! It is well-known for its underground music scene and hosts many international and national music festivals and concerts throughout the year.

Music Concert Bengaluru

13. The Nobel Personnel

Bengaluru is the home for the most number of Nobel Prize nominees from India. Now, that’s something to be proud of. A well-curated education system in the city is responsible for this achievement.

The Noble Prize

14. The Lake City

Enveloping 25 lakes, Bengaluru also takes pride in being the lake city of India. It makes up for the beautiful scenery and landscapes in the city.

The Lake City Bengaluru

15. The Oldest Rock

Lal Bagh, one of the most famous tourist spot in Bengaluru, has the oldest rock formation in the country, known as "Peninsular Gneiss". Its composition rocks are 3000 million years old.

Peninsula Gneiss

So much to relish and still, Bangalore is welcoming new dreams and aspirations with open arms. If you are looking to own a developed plot for sale in Bangalore, a majestic city to live in, Agrocorp is here to provide you with the same.

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