10 Ways To Induce The Spirit Of Diwali At The Workplace

celebrate diwali at office

Diwali is in the air and everyone is bursting with joy and happiness in the heart. This festive season is marked by lights, decorations, cleaning and Laxmi Puja and surely your home must be exuding the ambience of the festival but what about your workplace. You spend 8 hours every day at the place and it deserves much festive fervour from you as your own place. Many must be working during this festive season too and Diwali cheer should reach them also to bind everyone in happy spirits. Here are a few ways to help you to make your work shine and sparkle with the festive excitement!

1. Dress For The Day

Bring our your best ethnic attire out of the closet and wear it to work to drench the place in Diwali spirits. Announce a dress code and let everyone dress to their finest traditional outfit. The one which pronounces Diwali the most with their outlook should be prized for the effort.

2. Decorate It With Flowers

If it's festive, it calls out for the need for fresh flowers. Nothing could beat the beauty of floral decor around the place making it more lively and cheery. String it, hang it or tie a bunch, this idea of Diwali decoration will make you want to spend an extra hour at work.

Flower Decoration Ideas

3. Create A Diwali Essence

Some clay diyas, an idol of Goddess Lakshmi and a couple of flowers will set the right tone of Diwali on your workstation. After all, everyone seeks blessings from the Goddess of wealth and prosperity.

Lakshmi Puja At Office

4. A Candy Jar

Place a jar at your desk filled with candies of all sorts and let your colleagues savour the taste of Diwali. It will prompt a congenial atmosphere around the place.

Candy Jar

5. Light The Place Up

Instead of diyas, which might pose a risk of fire, use fairy lights to brighten up the place. Fairy lights will add an enchanting quotient to the place making it more attractive during the festival.

Fairy Light Decoration

6. Organize Fun Contests

Be it thali decoration, work station decor, a Diwali quiz or rangoli, a contest will enhance the festive enthusiasm and will drench the people in Diwali spirit. Hand exciting rewards and see your colleagues smile wide with happiness.

Board and Card Games

7. Arrange A Potluck Lunch

Let everyone contribute a bit to the feast and bring some delectable lunch to the office which everyone could enjoy together. Diwali is incomplete without an appetizing feast.

Festive Lunch Feast

8. Make Them Groove

Play some music inside the office for an hour and let everyone groove to the tunes of the festival celebration. If you wish to add extra jazz, introduce the musical chair game along with the dancing.

Dancing At Office

9. Create A Photo Booth

A photo booth in a corner, filled with props, will make your colleagues go wild with their imagination and cram their Instagram with fun-filled boomerangs and superzooms. It will create memories that will last forever with them.

A Photo Booth
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